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Romano x Reader
An Unknown Secret
Chapter 7

You choose to wear your casual clothes. 'I hope this is OK for me to wear, though. I-it's not like I want to stand out or anything like that!'

You glance at your cell phone and your clothes. ' I hope Lovino doesn't work tomorrow. When I heard him over the phone, he seemed...worried. B-but what do I know? It could have been my imagination!

Your mother knocked lightly on your door,"___________? May I enter, please?"

"You could come in once I clean my room!" You grabbed your set of clothes and tucked it under your pillow. As the short seconds of time passed, you quickly placed your surprisingly weightless boxes to the corner of your room.

"You can enter now, Mom! I'm warning you now that you might trip over something." Before your mom placed her slipper-covered foot onto the carpet floor of your room, her eyes wandered to the floor for random trash that wasn't there, the corner that was covered with boxes, and you.

"Why have you been in this room for so long? You would have gotten you food by now."

"I-I'm fine! It's just that I've,"your eyes resisted the urge to look at your mother," been having a rough time since we got a new house and all...."

"Hmmmm? "she eyed at you suspiciously," Does it have to involve one of the Vargas twins?" Your face couldn't have been any redder.

'Bull's eye!' your mom thought mischievously with a small chuckle.

You desperately tried to change the topic," W-why are you laughing? This isn't a joke to me!"

"Calm down, __________. I just wanted to mess around with you!" she watched you sit on your bed and sigh.

"By the expression on your face, I can already tell you like one of them!" you gave her a glare, but she didn't seem to notice. "Anyways, I heard your father planned something special tomorrow!" her smile reached from ear to ear.

As she described how excited she was, your mind gave you an idea that never appeared interesting until now,'I guess they never had a lot of time to be with each other since we left. It's really sad, actually." the thought gave you a bad aftertaste, or an emotional realization.

Minutes pasted as you listened to your mom halfheartedly.

"I still don't get it!" her lips were shut, and you took the role of speaking," How did you figure it out? It's not like I told anyone!"

"I should know when my daughter likes someone! I was your age when I first started to like different things like boys, dresses , and things like that."

A smile formed on your face, but it quickly turned to a small frown," S-so Mom, you fell in love with Dad when he was in the Mafia, right?"

"It's the sad truth, but I don't regret meeting him. Why do you ask? I thought I told you that story before."

"I-I know! I just wanted to make sure!" You watched your mom leave your room, but the thought of loving someone who did such a dangerous job made you think outside the box.

'What if Lovino was in the Mafia? I mean, his grandpa did make the same mafia my parents went to, plus he did come home late when I used to live with them....M-maybe I'm over thinking it! If he was in it, I bet he would have told me sooner-or-later anyways! '

When the bright light and blue sky turned to a white crescent and black screen, you laid on your bed too tired from thinking too much. 'Maybe....Just maybe it's only my imagination.'


The warm sun shined above Italy while energetic Italians walked from their homes to the market. There was a popular market that wasn't too far from the area you were currently standing. The large, old clock that stood proudly next to a flower cart mocked you; its arms showed you 12:17 P.M.

You may have asked them to be early, but that didn't mean that they would actually do it! You decided to wait for them a little longer even though you were bored out of your mind. Out of nowhere, something knocks you off your feet.

A muffled cursed exited your mouth as you tried to get up, but found it hard to do. Considering the fact that he was wearing cologne, you thought it was a man who wanted to impress someone.

"Hey! Are you-" your head lifted itself up to see your "attacker" , but you realized that it was Lovino.

"Lovino? Is that you?"

"____________?" he didn't notice his arms were still wrapped around you until you poked his arm. He quickly let go of you with red cheeks that made fire trucks shameful!

"W-why the hell were you just standing there for?!"

"The question is why did you run into me?!"

The flower stand caught Lovino's attention, so his eyes were distracted from you,"I-I...I was trying to get here earlier, but stupid fratello took my car; he needed it for something stupid, I bet. I had to take the damn bus to even reach here! I had to walk after that..."

'Wow, no one ever did that much for me...' If only it was easy to hide your adorable pink cheeks.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry you had to go through that. Even if you were late, I could have understand if you told me..."

It was silently awkward between you two for what seemed liked hours.

Lovino rubbed the back of his neck,"I get it, __________. You don't have to feel bad about something I did... I'm the one who should say sorry," his apology was barely loud enough for you to hear.

' I-Is he really saying sorry?? To me of all people? Am I dreaming?'

He brought you back to reality when he asked, " Weren't we suppose to go somewhere?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot," you involuntarily grabbed his hand. "Why don't we got to the market? I heard it's very lively today. We have to walk there, so if you don't-"

He started to walk in front of you towards the market," I don't care! I don't want to stand there and do nothing! Besides," he paused for a second,"I don't want to hear you talk about what I want. Think about yourself sometimes."

His face sharply turned away from you, but you noticed his ears were scarlet.

He could be mean most of the time, but he really could be sweet when he wanted to.
I am a seriously mean person. I mean, come on!? At least 4 weeks that I didn't post the nest part?! Why do I torture you guys so badly :iconromanosulkplz:?

Wow, this is a really long chapter .I bet most of you guys forgot about the story, and I'm sorry about that. My English class is having an Essay due tomorrow, and I never finished my 2nd paragraph yet :'(!?!?! Sad life.....
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Chapter 6 - [link]
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I do not own anything besides my story and my ideas!!!
Princesspuppy123 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
Aw man Sakura-Ex stole what i was going to say about Lovino reminding me of kyo sohma from Fruits basket,oh well
I 'lovino' the story

Lovino: S-shut up idiota!
Me: Yeah i rather not *smirk*
Lovino: *grunts**blushes* whatever ragazza
Sakura-Ex Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Writer
Lovino reminds of Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket for some reason.....YAY Keep writing this is awesome and addicting but I love anything with lovino in it so....

PrussianInvader Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Heh, they do seem alike, don't they? Well, I like them both :iconawwwyeahplz:~!
Thanks for you comment, and I agree :XD:!
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